Laura Ballard
Illustration & Design


Ambitious. Creative. Learner. Coffee Addict.

Illustration & Design for brands, publications, and people.


Laura Ballard

I graduated with a BFA in Illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design, where I gained a trained eye for composition, color palettes, hand-generated typography, and emphasizing narrative details. I then continued my education, and gained my degree from the Graphic Design program at Johnson County Community College. During enrollment I held internships with Blacktop Creative and C3, where I worked on a variety of projects, various client accounts and utilized my illustrative skills when possible.

My passion is pairing my technical skills with design. No matter what the project, I value starting concepts with pencil to paper. Nothing compares to sketching ideas to help get the creative juices flowing. Utilizing a variety of mediums such as paint, ink, graphite, pastel and cut paper are valuable materials when it comes to my creative process. I truly love a creative challenge and appreciate the process that leads to a solution.




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